About us

Ébénisterie Bois-Francs

Founded in May 1995 in Princeville, Québec, Ébénisterie Bois-Francs has
specialized in the manufacture of kitchen and custom furniture.

Seeking to evolve over time and diversify with new products, the Daisy
collection was launched in 2012.

This collection is the result of creativity and meticulous work done by craftsman
Réal Mailhot.

He offers you, with the Daisy Collection, a nice range of decorative and useful
wood items: Cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards, crumb trays, tea
boxes, clothes hooks and benches of various sizes.

The different service boards, meticulously manufactured using quality hardwood
selvedges, that are offered to you are multifunctional and will enable you to present
with creativity your favorite dishes or simply be used as an excellent cutting

We hope you discover this collection with great pleasure, as this collection
remains in the purest tradition of using quality products made with care in

To reach us: Ébénisterie Bois-Francs.ca

Email: info@ebenisteriebois-francs.ca
Real Mailhot, Artisan