Board NFB 20 x 14 x 1½

This cutting board, made of hard walnut with dimensions of 20 x 14 x 1½ inches
thick, an exclusive beauty will amaze your guests.

Made with precision and respect of the material, this board brings out the age of
the wood with its characteristic features. The natural color of this type of wood is
beautiful and gives it a stamp that cannot be repeated from one board to another,
because wood is a living species one must learn to respect it in its care. You will
also notice that this board has four small rubber pads to maintain the stability of
your board on the kitchen work area.

An undeniable advantage for this board is the type of glue we use when
assembling parts to form a durable and attractive board. This glue is of food
grade and approved by Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA). We can only use this glue to prevent the foods, you prepare with so much
care and respecting all the rules of food hygiene in the home, to be
contaminated. You are a cook who has at heart the health of your guests and
your family and this board meets the required criteria.

For the treatment of your new board we suggest using a mineral oil specially
designed for this type of maintenance. It is available for sale in various hardware
stores near you and all kitchen items specialty shops. Apply a few layers at the
first use. Thereafter we recommend you do it a few times a year, depending on
use. In terms of general maintenance to keep your cutting/ presentation board
and as long as possible, do not immerse it in water and never put it in the
dishwasher. Use instead a damp cloth to prevent the bacteria proliferation. If you
use it for cutting meat, certain restrictions apply. A good cleaning before and after
will be required.

This hard hickory board, with its rich appearance, will attract rave reviews from


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cutting board, made of hard walnut

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